Honey for Sale in Perth

Home-produced natural honey for sale.

Big Bumbles honey is an all-natural, low-volume product made right here in Perth. Our bees forage on back garden flowers and are feeding on native trees and shrubs as well as ornamental plants and fruit tree flowers.

Our honey is extracted using two methods, with a FlowHive and by traditional de-capping. The honey is extracted cold and never boiled or treated. It is simply double-filtered straight from the hive, to remove any tiny pieces of wax.

Different jars of Big Bumbles honey may vary in colour and flavour, because our bees are collecting pollens form different species of plants and fillling frames with honey at different stages throughout the season. Enjoy the difference!

  • No sugar-water supplements or added syrups.
  • Cold-extracted and filtered straight from the honey frame.
  • All natural honey made from local flowers.
  • A healthful alternative to processed sugar.
  • Tastes absolutely delicious!

Big Bumbles takes great pride in producing this completely natural honey for you to enjoy.

Honey is for sale in 1/2 kg tubs for $8 each, or 2x 1/2 kg tubs for $15.

Pick-up only, from Doubleview. Use the form below to place your order!

Synthetic Grass Artificial Turf perth
Big Bumbles backyard honey
Synthetic Grass Artificial Turf perth
Available in 1/2 kg jars (500gm).